Journalistic Integrity


We pride ourselves in producing local and national news content that is fact-based and unbiased, and meets the highest standards of journalistic integrity. We strive to be a reliable source for news and information. Balance, fairness and accuracy are fundamental to our news coverage. Our journalism principles are: accuracy and truth, fairness and impartiality, independence, transparency, minimize harm, respect the law and follow Nexstar policy.

We have been awarded for our journalistic integrity, both locally and nationally. Among these awards are as follows:

Local Awards

  • 2022 Edward R. Murrow Regional Awards. Our TV stations won a total of five national awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA). Fifteen of our stations earned 31 regional awards from the RTDNA, including recognition for “Overall Excellence,” “Best Newscast,” “Digital,” and “Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”
  • 2022 Emmy Awards. In 2022, 47 of our television stations were honored with a total of 101 Regional Emmy awards.

National Recognition

  • NewsNation has continued to be recognized by watchdog groups for independent content.
  • Ad Fontes Media rated NewsNation TV as “Most Reliable for News” with its political bias rated as “Middle or Balance.”
  • AllSides rated NewsNation’s on-line property as “Center” for media bias.
  • NewsGuard gave NewsNation a “Trust Score” of 100, the highest rating of any cable news network.
  • The Hill has also been recognized by watchdog groups for independent content.
  • Ad Fontes Media rated The Hill as “Mostly Analysis OR Mix of Fact Reporting and Analysis” with its political bias rated as “Middle.”

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