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Dothan, AL is in the 170th largest DMA in the United States, with a population of approximately 235,120 and 107,820 television households, as reported by Nielsen Media.

The community has shown a deep love for WDHN News voting it the “Best TV Station” from 2018 through 2021.

Dothan is a major medical hub for the region with two large hospitals serving the Wiregrass, and the city is also home to the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine where tomorrow’s doctors are trained. Farley Nuclear Plant, owned by Alabama Power and operated by Southern Nuclear, employs almost 1,000 people and sits just outside of Dothan to the east. To the west, the skies roar daily with the sounds of Army Aviation at Fort Rucker. Fort Rucker is a major piece of the United States Army’s infrastructure as thousands have trained to become helicopter pilots at this installation. Dothan is also strategically located accommodating short drives to the beaches of North Florida or to cities such as Atlanta or Tallahassee.

Downtown areas throughout the region are experiencing a renaissance period with new focuses on community entertainment events. Recreation facilities in the region are widely regarded as some of the nicest in the southeast, and the Wiregrass is known for a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Wiregrass is the number one supplier of peanuts in the United States and agriculture is another major piece of the local economy. The National Peanut Festival culminates the love and respect for the plant that has brought so much to this area upon the completion of the harvest each November.

Source: TVB, BIA Financial Network Market Report 3rd Edition, 2007

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