Warning: Recruiting Scams


Thank you for your interest in being a part of Nexstar Nation.

Please be cautious of individuals or online entities claiming to represent Nexstar in the hiring process. Any unsolicited communication about job offers asking for personal information from unverified sources could be a scam.

Nexstar will never:

    • conduct an interview via text message or through a messaging app
    • ask you for money or to share your bank information or other personal information during the hiring process
    • ask you to send us money or equipment, or to make purchases from your personal account for technology or training equipment as a condition of employment

If you believe you are a victim of a recruitment scam:

    • report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime unit
    • alert the particular job boards involved
    • email us information about their situation so we can use it to report it to the FBI ourselves


If you have questions about the authenticity of a job posting, which can be found on the Nexstar careers page, please reach out to us at Communications@Nexstar.tv.

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