Employee Safety/COVID


We value our employees and are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. All employees are required to comply with our safety rules and are expected to actively contribute to making our company a safer place to work. In response to COVID-19, we implemented remote working for many of our employees. Our work locations developed and implemented their own plans for staffing during the pandemic, with a focus on reducing headcounts within our facilities to reduce the risk for those employees whose job functions could not be performed remotely, and in compliance with applicable state and local safety requirements and protocols. Currently, a majority of our workforce have returned to working in a facility under strong safety protocols. In allowing additional employees to return to our facilities, we considered and continue to consider guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, other health organizations, federal, state and local governmental authorities, and our customers, among others. We are committed to taking robust actions to help protect the health, safety and well-being of our employees, to support our suppliers and local communities, and to continue to serve our customers.

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