(TV Tech) BIA: NextGen TV Could Add $10.7B in New Revenue by 2030

“New datacasting revenue from NextGen TV could account for 22% of total local broadcasting revenues by 2030 according to BIA Advisory Services

During a recent webinar sharing ATSC 3.0 tests and insights from Korean and the U.S. experts, BIA Advisory Services presented new data estimating that datacasting revenue from NextGen broadcasts could bring in a significant amount of revenue of $5 billion by 2027 and $10.7 billion in new revenue by 2030.

“Broadcaster expansion into adjacent data distribution markets [with datacasting services will] drive significant incremental non-core revenue and valuation growth,” explained Rick Ducey, managing director of BIA Advisory Services, speaking at the “Korea—U.S. NextGen Broadcast Webinar” on November 23.

The 2030 $10.7 billion estimate is BIA’s “middle case” scenario of 20% of total spectrum capacity being used for datacasting. In its high case, involving 27% of spectrum, those services could produce a whopping $15 billion; in the low case of using 12% of spectrum, they would still bring in $6.4 billion in 2030. ”

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